Gazprom Russia

Engineers India, Gazprom to jointly prepare blueprint for Russia-India gas pipeline

17 Oct 2016

India's petroleum minister, Russia's Gazprom discuss LNG supplies to GAIL

17 Jun 2016

Gazprom, European partners to build new gas pipeline to Germany

19 Jun 2015

Russia slams EU’s antitrust charges against Gazprom

23 Apr 2015

Gazprom says its pricing principles are in accordance with the standards used by other gas producers and exporters

EU to charge Russian gas giant Gazprom with market abuse

21 Apr 2015

If the allegations are proved right, the commissioner has the power to order changes in the companies’ business practices and levy fines of up to 10 per cent of Gazprom’s annual global revenue

Gazprom’s production to hit an all time low in 2014

24 Dec 2014

Gas only for cash, Russia’s Gazprom tells Ukraine

17 Jun 2014

Russia makes gas price overtures to Ukraine in peace bid

12 Jun 2014

The bruising gas dispute between russia and Ukraine comes amid continuing fighting in eastern Ukraine, where government forces have battled pro-Russian rebels for two months

Russia, China sign 30-year gas deal

21 May 2014

Gazprom posts 7% decline in net profit

29 Apr 2014

European antitrust regulator threatens to charge Gazprom over gas pricing

04 Oct 2013

Russia’s Gazprom to buy LNG from Israel’s Tamar project

27 Feb 2013

Russia’s Gazprom may charge Ukraine $2.7-5.7 bn fine: report

26 Nov 2012

Russia’s Gazprom, Poland’s PGNiG settle gas price dispute

07 Nov 2012

European regulator launches probe against Gazprom

05 Sep 2012

Gazprom eyes German alternative energy company Envacom: report

24 Oct 2011

Gazprom on deal-signing spree with Indian gas importers

03 Jun 2011

Gazprom inks conditional deal with Petronet for LNG supply

02 Jun 2011

The agreement clearly states that it will be implemented only when Gazprom has spare LNG available, and if the price and other terms and conditions are agreed upon.

Gazprom mulls Indian upstream projects with Oil India

13 Dec 2010

Gazprom posts record $10.6 billion profit in Q1

02 Sep 2010

Beating analyst estimates, Moscow-based Gazprom said this increase was primarily due to higher volumes of gas sold in all geographical segments

Gazprom starts Russia’s first CBM production facility

15 Feb 2010

Russian oil and gas giant Gazprom has launched Russia's first coal bed methane production facility in the Taldinskoye coalfield, about 65km north of Novokuznetsk in southwestern Siberia

Gazprom, Hungarian bank form South Stream joint venture

30 Jan 2010

Iraq seals $3.5-billion oil deal with Gazprom group

29 Jan 2010

The targeted production of 170,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil will be achieved in six to seven years

Gazprom, CNPC sign deal on supply of Russian gas to China

29 Dec 2009

Gazprom looks to ExxonMobil for Sakhalin-1 gas

28 Dec 2009

Russian petroleum producer Gazprom expects to wrap up a deal on gas supplies from the ExxonMobil-led Sakhalin-1 project next year.