Amazon infuses fresh Rs260 cr into Amazon Pay

20 Oct 2017

Amazon Seller Services infuses Rs1,620 cr from foreign arms

17 Oct 2017

Flipkart again pips Amazon in festive sales with 50% market share

17 Oct 2017

Amazon pushing into private-label sportswear: report

17 Oct 2017

Makalot Industrial, a Taiwanese vendor that produces clothing for Gap, Uniqlo and Kohl’s Corporation, is making apparel for the Amazon line

Amazon to hire 120,000 workers in 33 US states for holiday sales

13 Oct 2017

Delhi youth nabbed after scamming Amazon 166 times for Rs52 lakh

11 Oct 2017

The youngster made a business of ordering Apple, Samsung and OnePlus mobile phones, which he would sell on another online marketplace OLX or at Gaffar Market, a west Delhi market for mobiles and other imported good

Burger chain Carl Jr tweets to be bought by Amazon

10 Oct 2017

Amazon likely on verge of entering retail drugs business

07 Oct 2017

Amazon to replicate Indian model with own delivery service in US

06 Oct 2017

EU orders Amazon to pay back €250 mn in taxes to Luxembourg

04 Oct 2017

‘Lost, damaged’: couple uses classic ruse to scam Amazon out of $1.2 mn

03 Oct 2017

Amazon developing Alexa compatible smart glasses: report

21 Sep 2017

‘Buddy’ the parrot goes viral after placing £10 Amazon order

21 Sep 2017

Amazon reviewing website algorithm that pushed bomb-making materials

21 Sep 2017

Blink: After London and NY, Amazon’s 3rd fashion studio in Gurgaon

14 Sep 2017

Festive discounts get even bigger as Paytm joins Flipkart, Amazon

13 Sep 2017

The three e-commerce majors are preparing to woo customers with cash-backs, discounts, freebies, fast delivery options and travel add-ons

Amazon unveils largest Indian fulfilment centre at Hyderabad

08 Sep 2017

The three-storey facility has 51 loading and unloading docks that can handle around 1,000 trucks per day , 69 km of fire hydrant piping, more than 500 km of five types of cables, over 15,000 fire sprinklers and a 1.6-km long conveyor belt to move packages

Net neutrality: it’s AT&T, Comcast vs. Google, Facebook, Amazon

01 Sep 2017

Apple has specifically urged the FCC chairman not to roll back an existing ban against so-called “fast lanes”, which might allow broadband providers someday to charge for faster delivery of tech companies’ movies, music or other content

Couple suing Amazon over defective eclipse glasses that damaged their eyes

31 Aug 2017

Amazon cuts prices 43 per cent at Whole Foods Market

29 Aug 2017

FTC approves Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods Market

24 Aug 2017

Walmart-Amazon race takes to skies with blimp warehouse patents

19 Aug 2017

Walmart has applied for a US patent for a warehouse in the sky, which could make deliveries to shoppers' homes by way of drones

Trump accuses Amazon of not paying taxes

17 Aug 2017

Amazon looking at cutting-edge food technology for home delivery

12 Aug 2017

Transgender employee and husband sue Amazon over harassment

11 Aug 2017