Pepsi to unveil new bottle design next month

23 Mar 2013


Pepsi would unveil a new bottle design next month, its first new package design since 1997, according to the company's announcement this week.

AdAge reported citing a Pepsi spokesperson, the bottle would have a swirled grip on the 16 and 20 ounces (oz) bottles and an updated label. The company would also debut a 12 oz glass bottle (similar to Coke's) with a twisted shape and a new logo, with the single serve bottles to start rolling out in April.

According to a company spokesman who spoke to  The Fast Company, for inspiration Pepsi "did look back into our archives of past Pepsi bottles and cans."

The packing update, the spokesperson added, formed part of Pepsi's "Live For Now" marketing campaign, which was launched last April.

The spokesman said Pepsi had conducted extensive global research, connecting with thousands of fans, and 'Live for Now' reflected the insight that Pepsi fans all around the world desired to capture the excitement of now – a mind-set that was aligned at the very core with the brand's DNA.

He added, packaging innovation was the next step in the marketing campaign, and specifically single serve (16 & 20-oz) was the most visible and tangible connection Pepsi had with its consumers – it was the  best visual expression of 'Live For Now.'

There will be three distinctive designs for Pepsi trademark flavors, the Mountain Dew portfolio, and all the other flavors, including Aquafina and Brisk.

"For the Pepsi brand, we started with single serve because it is the package you're seen drinking and holding," explained Angelique Krembs, vice president, marketing, Pepsi, in a statement. "The longer-term view is that this new design system would eventually hit all touch points beyond packaging."

The bottles will begin rolling out in April, though according to Krembs, they would be available across regions over the next two years.

The 16 oz bottle size was not as widely distributed as the 20 oz version, though Krembs said it might get a boost thanks to the new look. According to Krembs, the redesign of the 16 oz bottle and any changes to distribution had nothing to with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on sugary beverages larger than 16 oz.

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