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Market researcher JuxtConsult creates online panel in India news
10 December 2008

JuxtConsult, a market research company, has created an online panel of more than 115,000 members in India. The company claims that the panel is capable of representing 86 per cent of the total urban population, currently 337 million people.

Sanjay Tiwari, director, JuxtConsult said that the company will use this panel to carry out our online market research studies and also offer it to other market research firms, consumer brands and advertising agencies, which can use it to run their own consumer market surveys over the Internet.

JuxtConsult reveals that the panel consists of 88,383 men and 17,038 women. Around 40,899 members of the panel are aged 18-24, while 38,638 members are aged 25-34. Some 59,508 members belong to SEC A, while 29,190 members belong to SEC B. Around 54,081 members stay in towns with 10 lakh+ population. The panel has representation from all parts of India with 40,428 members from West India, 27,959 from North India and the rest from East and South India.

Apart from collecting the geographic, demographic and psychographic details of its panellists, JuxtConsult is also gathering information such as housing, family composition, shopping, vehicle ownership, mobile ownership, health, traditional media usage and brand preferences.

Tiwari says, ''We have collected more details of the panellists because we want to enable our clients to pick up more targeted or precise samples of respondents on whom they want to administer their survey and make it more representative. In random sampling, you can easily pick up the wrong set of respondents.''

As a market research firm, JuxtConsult is offering a complete online survey package to it clients: It designs the study, administers the survey using its panel and provides the client an analytical report at the end of the exercise. If a market research firm, ad agency or consumer brand wants to use its panel to only administer its online survey, the company charges them according to the number of respondents it uses in the study.

JuxtConsult is using a website called to build its online panel. Interested consumers can register with the site and opt to become a part of the panel and participate in online market surveys. Once registered, a consumer can log in on and check out the various surveys being carried out at that moment. To make sure that a consumer does not participate twice in a survey, JuxtConsult is using a technology which displays the survey only till such time as the consumer has not participated in it.

The company offers financial incentives, such as monthly prizes, to keep the respondents motivated to participate in surveys.

JuxtConsult is promoting through search marketing. It is using the Google AdWords program to advertise across various websites and publishers in India. The company claims that it is adding 10,000 members every month to the panel.

In the future, JuxtConsult will use the same panel to figure out Internet audience measurement and traffic trends as well.

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Market researcher JuxtConsult creates online panel in India