Naughty and nice: Landor's new brand identity for China's Jissbon

Landor Associates has given the leading Chinese condom brand, Jissbon, a makeover. The condom's new brand identity is "naughty and nice".

The makeover for Jissbon, the Chinese name for which is jieshi bang, the Chinese rendering of James Bond, incldes besides identity, involved strategy, positioning through to packaging along with a website in time for its relaunch on Valentine's Day.

Jissbon said that it wanted its customers (18-35-year-old couples) to fall in love with the brand. The China market is flooded with condoms and with Durex, the number one condom brand in the world, Jissbon was finding the going tough.

"Sex in China used to be taboo, but times have changed and younger people are now more openly discussing the subject," said Ray Ally executive director of brand consultancy, Landor Associates. "What we realised is that Chinese consumers want more control over their sex lives, as they are becoming more active and experimental."

"As a result, 'Naughty or nice' is the new brand identity, where consumers have options. Sex can be naughty or nice depending on their mood," he added.

The relaunch of Jissbon and the new campaign that includes new graphics, logo, packaging system will take place at a product launch party on Valentine's Day in Beijing.