Fisker's new electric car to feature buterfly-wing doors

Electric car company Fisker, known earlier as Fisker Automotive had started to show off its new vehicle, which featured a set of four vertically-opening doors.

Henrik Fisker's New Electric Car / Via Twitter  

Fisker Automotive built and sold the troubled Karma, a hybrid sports car, which had had several recalls putting the company out of business. Henrik Fisker, owner of Fisker Automotive was now back with a new company, Fisker Inc, and had lined up a fresh take on the Karma.

The first teaser image, tweeted by Fisker on 20 October, featured a shadowed silhouette of a four-door saloon car. The car's proportions looked similar to the original Karma, with a rather uncanny resemblance to the Maserati GranTurismo, say commentators.

But they add, the biggest feature was its doors, which all opened upwards.

The front pair pivoted upwards from the base of the windscreen, as was common on low-slung supercars from McLaren and BMW; but in the car in question the rear doors also opened upwards, pivoting from above the rear wheel arches.

Describing the doors as "a breakthrough", Fisker said: "Innovative new butterfly doors in our new Fisker model, for easier ingress / egress,'' reported.

More details of the car are to be released in the coming week.

According to commentators, the car seemed more compact than the original Fisker Karma, but still featured the same steeply raked windscreen and wide rear shoulders.

The car would have a structure made of carbon fibre and aluminum, according to an email sent to journalists Thursday. According to the email, the car had a "larger interior than its closest competitor" with a focus on a user experience that brings "technology and streaming content into a simple logical order."

Fisker told Business Insider the car would carry a price tag similar to that of a high-end Tesla Model S.

Fisker claimed the car would pave the way for a more consumer friendly electric car that would be cheaper than the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3, which were priced at $37,500 and $35,000 before federal tax exemptions, respectively.