The new Volvo V70 R-DESIGN - redefined

German car maker Volvo will introduce the sporty factory-fitted R-Design option pack on the Volvo V70, the company's best selling model. R-Design is an exclusive factory-fitted options package for customers who want a car with refined attributes.

Volvo V70 The new Volvo R Design, which becomes the fifth Volvo to sport the R-Design will feature visual upgrades with a few performance upgrades compared to its predecessor. (View the Volvo V70 R-Design picture gallery)

The R-Design pack for the Volvo V70 features a wide range of eye-catching attributes such as door mirror housings and grille detailing in silk metal finish, chrome exhaust tailpipe and specially designed 18-inch aluminum wheels.

The interiors are neatly done with sporty leather-clad seats in black and cool Nordic Ceramic Light that is eye catching with the various aluminium details. From the instrument panel's aluminium inlays to the centre console and door sides, there is a milled circular décor pattern that spreads like ripples in water.

Volvo R-Design not only offers visible detailing, it packs properties that simply have to be experienced out on the road. The sporty chassis offers plenty of driving pleasure and immense control in every situation, which has been optimised with the help of features such as stiffer anti-roll bars and bushings and lower ground clearance for more direct road contact and more responsive and rewarding steering feedback.

To further emphasize its sportiness, the car has no rails on the roof. These are however available as factory options for those buyers who wish to specify them.

"The décor pattern in the aluminium details gives the interior a very special, modern character. The pattern symbolises how the dynamic R-Design characterises the entire car, linking together the seats' ribbed surfaces and the exterior's multitude of detailing in a silk metal finish," stated Maria Thunberg, manager of Colour & Trim, Volvo V70 R-Design.

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