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Watch out for DC's luxury car 'Ambierod' at the Auto Expo '08 news
08 January 2008

New Delhi: Dilip Chhabria is all set to enthral, yet again, the car enthusiast.

The Indian designer is all set to create history in the world of car design, with several firsts to his credit.  Driven by his passion to build something unique that will redefine luxury, India's ace car designer Dilip Chhabria (popularly known as DC) is set to bring to the world the 'Ambierod'.

Dilip Chhabria is a celebrated Indian automobile designer, with a fan following spanning the globe. He has designed over 600 unique cars in 14 years. His design studio, DC Designs, is located in Pune, and is the country's most advanced design studio, currently employing 350 engineers and technicians.

The Ambierod will be unveiled at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, starting 9 January. DC's press release puts the Ambierod's unveiling as ''a big-ticket aspect that Auto Expo would have ever witnessed,'' making it something of an event to be anticipated. 

An intelligent, retro-futuristic car, the Ambierod has been designed from the iconic Ambassdor, and is ''bound to create a disruption and a flutter in the market place.'' DC claims that it has invested over 50,000 man-hours in design and development

According to Dilip Chhabria, ''In keeping with the brawn and brain design philosophy of the car, it was only fitting that someone like Sanjay Dutt unveils the car at the Auto Expo on 10th January at 4pm.''

Ambierod - Key Features

DC's philosophy of creating designs that strike an emotional chord are apparent in the car. The car has been designed using the advanced digital mapping process, which ensures class-leading accuracy and quality of fidelity.

While retaining the quintessential Indian identity of an Ambassador, the car's looks takeoff and are inspired by the American Hotrods and beyond, with ''pure nostalgia'' on the outside, and ''pure luxury'' on the inside.

It's a real world car with .85mm steel body in white, with hydro pneumatic suspension and 3-seat configuration. The large powered Gull Wing doors and the 22-inch wheels lend an immensely masculine visage coupled to a V-12 engine.  The Ambierod, according to DC's press note, ''has interiors like that of a first class Jet Liner.''

The instrument panel has an advanced 'carputer', which automates driving functions using satellite navigation system. Ambierod has 3 LCD TV screens, varying from 10 to 19 inches, and has the facility of on-board internet mobility and videoconferencing. Music and movies can accessed on demand in the car, and there are live engine sensors which update data such as the engine rpm, fuel capacity, efficiency etc.

The car boasts leg space of 4 feet, replicating the feeling of a wide, open room. The rear seat is king-sized one that can be converted into a 180-degrees flat luxury bed, similar to flat-beds on board the first class of a long-haul jet airplane. The car has a rear vision door camera, Xenon and LED lighting, and Mood Lighting.

Apart from Ambeirod, DC is also launching a super sports car, the DC:S, in the genre of a Ferrrari / Lamborghini at the Auto Expo '08. Subsequent to the Auto Expo '08, DC plans to showcase the Ambierod at various other Auto shows globally. Both cars are a statement from DC, that Indians can definitely match, if not exceed world standards.

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Watch out for DC's luxury car 'Ambierod' at the Auto Expo '08