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Israeli defence to focus on spy satellites news
14 May 2011

Tel Aviv: Israel has disclosed that it will set aside substantial funds for launching spy satellites designed to provide real-time surveillance of Iran and other "areas of interest" on a round-the -clock basis.

Currently, Israel has six spy satellites in orbit - four state-owned and two private -which provide imagery and other data to the military's intelligence corps.

However, only one of the six satellites, the high-resolution TecSar 1, which is equipped with the advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar, is able to transmit images at night and in bad weather. The TecSar was built by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries and launched from India in January 2008 amid considerable secrecy.

But even the TecSar has its limitations, being able to observe "areas of interest" about every 90 minutes.

The Israeli defense establishment now wants more low-orbit satellites, with advanced surveillance equipment, to provide constant coverage of target areas, such as Iran or Syria.

Other 'observational satellites' in orbit include three 'Ofek' series 5,7, and 9, also built by IAI,  and the Eros A and B commercial satellites.

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Israeli defence to focus on spy satellites