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India's Agni-V missile launch proposal raises China's hackles news
19 December 2011

India's proposed launch of Agni-V missile has raised hackles of Chinese policy makers with Communist Party mouthpiece, the People's Daily, saying the move reflected India's "intention of seeking regional balance of power".

The newspaper quoted Indian officials and scientists as saying that the Agni-V missile was a "killer" for a "certain country" though they left unsaid which country they meant.

The article said India could not tolerate internal and external security environment constraints that obstructed its developing military clout. The article however was silent on China's massive missile build-up as also development of air strike capabilities including the recent launch of an aircraft carrier.

"It is the Indian goal to continue to strengthen the military and possess a military clout that matches its status as a major power," the party mouthpiece said.

The article comes after some Chinese experts expressed concerns over the strengthening India-US military relationship.

These experts have also expressed concerns over India becoming a part of the American game plan of "encircling China" by playing up to the fears of China's sea neighbors like Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan.

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India's Agni-V missile launch proposal raises China's hackles