British Airways reviewing operations strategy after steep hike in airport charges at IGI

British Airways is reviewing its operations strategy in India after the 334-per cent hike in charges at the Indra Gndhi International airport PTI reported.

Christopher Fordyce, British Airways' regional commercial manager (South Asia), said yesterday that the  aviation industry was going through a difficult phase, and with hike in airport charges which were too high, it was revisiting its strategy and assessing route profitability.

He said there it had been presumed that other city airports which had new infrastructure development projects too might follow the Delhi airport's hikes.

Fordyce added, while airport development was important the price escalation also needed to be taken into account as passengers would be affected due to it.

Foreign carriers like Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Virigin Atlantic have meanwhile joined Indian carriers in opposing the hike in airport charges.

Even International Air Transport Association (IATA) director general Tony Tyler said India's airports were becoming "increasingly expensive".