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EU eases restrictions on liquids in hand luggage news
29 April 2011

In a move designed to provide some relief to passengers overburdened by security-related measures onboard aircraft and at airports, the European Union said Friday it was easing restrictions on liquids in hand-luggage. Under new regulations passengers connecting through EU airports from a third country can now carry liquids, aerosols and gels purchased either at an airport duty-free shop or aboard a non-EU airline.

The liquids must be sealed in tamper-proof bags and screened by specialized scanners before boarding.

This softening is an interim measure with a complete easing of rules banning carry-on liquids at EU airports due to be lifted by 29 April 2013.

However, several EU member states have said they will not comply with the European Commission deadline. 

The UK government deferred easing restrictions until autumn, citing a ''continuing high threat'' at its airports, including London Heathrow, and are joined by France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Germany, however, will ease restrictions.

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EU eases restrictions on liquids in hand luggage