New Australian weather system to be installed at Indian airports

Pune: An advanced Australian air weather information system, selected by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), is due for installation at the New Delhi domestic and international airports in three days' time.

The system will, thereafter, be installed at the Mumbai international and domestic airport over the next 12 days.

According to IMD's Pune-based acting additional director general, RD Vasistha, the system is expected to be functional in Delhi before 26 January. According to Vasistha, the system will help pilots make last-minute landing decisions and help reduce weather-related air mishaps.

The new system, which will provide all weather-related information up to 50 metres before landing or takeoff, will be specially useful during winter in New Delhi, when fog leads to poor or zero-visibility.

Most of the key elements in the system are from Australia, but IMD, Pune, had a role in selecting the instrumentation and also in the survey of airports, among other things, Vasistha said.