Passenger films Emirates staff pouring excess Champagne back in bottle

A passenger on an Emirates flight inadvertently filmed an airline staff pouring unused Champagne back in the bottle, sparking an investigation by the airline.

The incident was filmed by Russian passenger Yevgeny Kayumov on the upper deck of an A380 while flying business class en route to Dubai.

Tagging Emirates on his Instagram account, he wrote, "I accidentally filmed this video, and didn't even notice this moment at the time, pouring excess Champagne back into the bottle."

He asked the airline: "Is that normal practice Emirates?"

Responses from his followers ranged from complaints he might have cost the crew member her job, to one who said there was "nothing wrong" with putting the bubbly back in the bottle.

"She should be commended for not being careless," went on the comment.

"Someone else could have simply thrown the excess in the sink - which is a total waste.

"Maybe it could have been more elegant if this action is done in the galley instead of the open bar.

"But good for her and good for @emirates to have responsible crew like this lady."

The film appeared to show a tray of untouched glasses of champagne. The airline offered the sparkling wine to first and business class passengers after they boarded the aircraft.

The Independent's anonymous cabin crew columnist ''Brad Bernoulli'' commented saying,  ''Until airlines can adequately stock their planes, flight attendants will always look for ways to conserve popular items that often run out to avoid making excuses about why they are out. Frontline employees bear the brunt of many angry customer reactions, and if saving a few glasses of bubbly makes the 16-hour flight go smoother, the airline shouldn't expect anything less.''