British Airways to add one more flight from Hyderabad, Chennai to London

British Airways, which currently operates five flights a week each from Hyderabad and Chennai to London,  is planning to add one more flight each between these cities from March.

This would add a 20-per cent increase in seats and in real numbers translates to about 200 seats a week and a total of 10,000 seats a year. London is the carrier's hub for onward operations to about 150 destinations.

With the additions, the total number of flights being operated by the airline from India will go up to 47 per week. Currently, BA operates from Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, said Christopher Fordyce, regional commercial manager (South Asia), British Airways.

"We are looking at expanding our operation in the growth markets with major focus on giving better customer experience, increasing technology and adopting new menus in the flight," he added.

Stating that high aviation costs in the country had impacted the airline's profitability, but added the impact on British Airways' revenues were less impacted to the company's plane structure.

The airline is planning to introduce more efficient aircraft such as the 777-300s. According to Fordyce, fuel is one of the biggest costs for any airline in India, even though the country is a fast-growing market.