Turbulence-hit Air India gets its third Dreamliner

Air India today took delivery of its third Boeing 787 'Dreamliner', which is also the first produced from its new facility in South Carolina, outside Boeing Commercial Airplane's main facility in Washington state. The company's headquarters are in Chicago.

"We are delighted to be the first airline in the world to take delivery of a Dreamliner from this beautiful factory and look forward to taking many more," Air India Board member K M Unni said at the site after accepting the plane from the new plant.

According to Boeing, this delivery marks another milestone in its efforts to broaden its production base beyond Washington, where all of its other jets have been built.

The 787 is largely outsourced to other countries, with wings and other parts shipped in for final assembly to Boeing facilities in Washington, and now South Carolina.

The aircraft's fuel efficiency is 20 per cent better than other airplanes in its class, which also results in 20 per cent lower carbon emissions, a Boeing statement said.

However, production of the purportedly ultra fuel-efficient jet was long delayed due to many production glitches. The lightweight, fuel-efficient passenger jet was plagued by years of supply chain problems and production delays.