Kingfisher pilots strike work to protest salary delay

In protest against their delayed salaries a section of Kingfisher pilots struck work from last night, which threatened to cripple the airline's skeletal operations too.

According to senior pilots, engineers too are likely to join the stir as the airline management's promises to pay wages have proved to be empty so far.

Pilots are holding meetings in both Mumbai and Delhi to decide the future course of action as they had not been paid their February salaries too while it was now July.

They say the management's promises to pay salaries had proved empty and the pilots say they are fed up that despite clear DGCA warnings that financial penury could affect airline safety, the aviation ministry had closed its eyes to what was happening in Kingfisher.

According to the pilots they would decide the future course this evening. The pilots had also been warned by Kingfisher chief Vijay Mallya that any further reduction in service could affect the airline's flying licence.

The carrier has been running a holding schedule of skeletal operations with 16 aircraft for some months now, but the aviation ministry has  not acted on the airline despite DGCA warning on Kingfisher health.