Air India's Central Training Establishment conducts first Type Rating examination for pilots

Mumbai: Indian flag carrier, Air India's training institute, the Central Training Establishment (CTE), has achieved another first just six weeks after being granted recognition and approval as a Type Rating Training Organisation (TRTO). The carrier said that the CTE had successfully conducted type rating examination for 52 pilots on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
The first consolidated examination for 44 pilots was conducted on 30 May 2008 at the Central Training Establishment, Hyderabad, of which 39 were newly recruited trainee pilots, while five were Airbus A300 pilots who were converting to Airbus A320 type. The conversion was necessitated as the Airbus A300 aircraft has been phased out from the Air India fleet recently.

Eight pilots took the Boeing 737-800 type rating examination simultaneously in Mumbai.

The CTE has been imparting civil aviation related training to airline personnel with qualified instructors, examiners, check pilots and ground instructors.

Its recognition, as a TRTO, enables the airline to conduct endorsement training, refresher/recurrent training, checks and specialised training for pilots on A310, A320, B737-800 and B747-400 aircraft. The airline is now equipped to carry out the entire type rating training, including examinations, in-house.