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Aerion supersonic business jet crosses $3 billion in order value news
21 May 2008

Aerion Corp officials say that they have already received more than 40 Letters of Intent, backed up by refundable deposits of $250,000 in the six months that the company has been accepting orders for the Aerion supersonic business jet. The total backlog order value now stands at more than $3 billion, at a price of $80 million per aircraft, and company officials said they expect the order backlog to go higher before the close of the EBACE show.

''Just two and a half years ago our market research indicated a market for 300 supersonic jets over 10 years,'' noted Aerion vice chairman, Brian Barents, ''but that survey did not even include demand from countries such as India, China and Russia. If anything, we have underestimated global demand.''

According to Barents, Aerion has picked up five orders in India through its marketing agent, ExecuJet. He said that orders had also been secured in Pakistan, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America.

More companies are considering the Aerion jet as the supersonic jet is now not far in price from subsonic alternatives.

Aerion launched its sales campaign in November 2007 at the Dubai Air Show, where it announced a marketing alliance with ExecuJet Aviation Group. ExecuJet offers the aircraft globally outside the Americas.

Aerion represents the aircraft directly in the United States.

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Aerion supersonic business jet crosses $3 billion in order value