China's drone manufacturer DJI unveils Mavic Pro

Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI on Tuesday unveiled the Mavic Pro, which is around half the size and price of its flagship Phantom drone ($1400).

While the form was slimmer it weighed in at 1.65 pounds and did not compromise on features. The Mavic Pro featured a 4K 12 megapixel camera, livestreaming support, as also a three-axis gimbal and gesture control.

The drone, which started shipping 15 October, is available in two versions: one priced at $749 and a $999 deluxe model that came with a controller. One would need to use an app on one's phone to fly the cheaper model.

The pricier Phantom 4 featured a better camera, but carried a more affordable price tag and could also be folded up. The Mavic Pro was an attractive option for amateur drone enthusiasts.

The news comes only a week after GoPro announced its own lightweight, foldable drone. GoPro's Karma ($800) was billed an "amateur-friendly" drone with propellers that folded inward, so that it could fit in a bag. However, GoPro's drone did not feature a camera, which had to be bought separately.

But perhaps the feature which stood out on the new Mavic Pro was its gesture control, which allowed users to wave their hands in certain directions and the drone would follow.

The Mavic Pro has a top speed of 22 mph and a flight time of 27 minutes, with the remote operating till a range of 4.3-miles. Five auxiliary cameras and two sonic sensors help avoid collision by following topographical changes to maintain altitude.

DJI had sold a huge number of larger drones, but according to commentators, the company clearly thought that making the Mavic small meant that people who might otherwise not bring a drone on a trip or a day hike might consider buying one.