Delhi fog delays flights, train departures

Utter chaos prevailed at Mumbai airport yesterday as flights were delayed by more than an hour due to weather conditions in Delhi.

Aircraft operations suffered due to heavy fog coupled and poor visibility in the capital, which, in turn, affected flight schedules across the country, especially those to and from Mumbai.

The Times of India, quoted an airport source as saying that a total of 28 incoming flights and 22 outgoing flights were delayed by over an hour.

Cancellations hit five departures and four arrivals to and from Delhi.

This came as the first fog-induced delay of the season and its effects hit thousands of flyers across the country.

Over 40 flights were affected in Delhi due to dense fog and poor weather conditions since Sunday night.

Operations on runway 29 were suspended.

Early morning flights that were to land in Delhi were instructed to join a hold-over pattern as visibility on the runway dropped to less than 50 metres, the minimum visibility range required for a CAT III B operations.

Meanwhile, in Delhi arrival and departure for trains was also hit by the bad weather.

Many trains had had to be rescheduled and the passengers had been informed via a SMS.

Northern Railway has put in place a new helpline number in Delhi, 23747110, to enable passengers to get an update on train schedules.

The Met Office has, meanwhile, forecast foggy conditions for the entire week.