India, Singapore add 58,100 seats a week to bilateral air services capacity

India and Singapore have signed a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) to rationalise air passenger capacity entitlements of both countries, adding a combined 58,100 seats per week and a route specific cap for Singapore on each route.

The bilateral air services arrangement, signed in Singapore early this week, also enhances combined seat capacity by 10 per cent (or 58,100 new seats) for the two countries.

Under the revised agreement, India will now be entitled to operate 29,400 passenger seats a week from India to Singapore and the designated airlines of Singapore will be entitled to operate 28,700 weekly passenger seats from Singapore to India.

India, however, did not agree to the demand of Singapore for additional point of calls from Pune and Madurai.

Singapore carriers will also lose the common pool rights to the extent of 5,160 seats earlier available to them. The common pool, which provided greater operational flexibility to Singapore carriers at major metros like Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, have now been withdrawn.

The designated airlines of Singapore can operate with any aircraft type except A-380.

Both sides have agreed to review and update the air services agreement and meet every two years to discuss various air services matters.

India and Singapore also will explore the possibility of co-operation in the area of civil aviation, especially in the area of airport development and airport management.

The two sides also agreed to foster greater institutional-level co-operation in the areas of training in aviation skill development, maintenance repairs and overhaul services, aviation safety and exchange of technology transfer in air space management and air navigation services.