Nigerian government fines British Airways, Virgin for unfair trade practices

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have been fined $135 million and $100 million respectively by the Nigerian government for unfair trade practices.

The fines are the result of a six-month long investigation into ticket prices from  Murtala Muhammed International Airport at Lagos to London's Heathrow Airport, Nigerian newspaper Vanguard reported.

According to the newspaper, who quoted an unidentified official, the carriers levied unreasonable fuel surplus prices on consumers.

Nigeria is meanwhile, in talks with the UK over a Nigerian carrier losing spots at Heathrow. The Nigerian official though denied the Nigerian government's move had anything to do with the incident.

The Nigerian official denied the fines came in response to the dispute, which has seen the Nigerian government threaten retaliatory cuts to British Airways flights in Lagos.

According to the official,  the two airlines had been acting in concert to jack up prices, from as far back as 2004.