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Park Air Systems wins three contracts at Dubai World Central Airportnews
25 September 2007
Park Air Systems and its United Arab Emirates (UAE) partner Data Processing Systems (DPS) have announced that they will deliver three major systems for air traffic control (ATC) to the new Dubai World Central Airport, after winning the tender floated by the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

World Central Airport is currently under construction at Jebel Ali in Dubai. When complete, it will handle 120 million passengers each year, using six parallel runways. The Park Air Systems air traffic control systems will facilitate the landing and tracking of aircraft at the airport. They will also ensure reliable communications via an integrated communication system.

Park Air Systems and Data Processing Systems will install the Nova 9000 advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS), to track aircraft and vehicles on the ground using surveillance systems based on radar and multilateration - locating an object by accurately computing the time difference of arrival (TDOA) of a signal emitted from the object to three or more receivers.

Aircraft arriving at Dubai World Central airport will benefit from the use of the Normarc 7000B instrument landing system (ILS), which uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure safe and precise landings, even under the most difficult visibility conditions. Two Cat III-b ILS systems will be installed at each end of the first operational runway at the airport.

Park Air's integrated digital end-to-end communication system will provide ground to air voice communications with all aircraft. A seamlessly integrated combination of PAE T6 MDR (multimode digital radio), and the Garex 220 VCCS (voice communication control system) will enable control and monitoring of key radio functions directly from the ATC operator position.

Other Park Air projects in the UAE include provision of a new radio communications suite at Abu Dhabi International Airport for the new 2k runway project, the digital end-to-end communications system at the general civil aviation authority in Abu Dhabi, and an upgrade of the approach radar display system at Fujairah International Airport with short term conflict alert and minimum safe altitude warning functionalities.

Park Air Systems has decided to set up a Dubai-based service centre that will stock spare parts for all its products and train personnel to provide quick, quality assistance to customers throughout the region.

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Park Air Systems wins three contracts at Dubai World Central Airport