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Bharat Dynamics built CMDS capability propels India into exclusive clubnews
14 February 2007

Bangalore: Hyderabad-based State-owned defence firm Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) has completed the development phase of its indigenous counter-measure dispensation system (CMDS) and is all set to supply the system to the Indian defence services later this year. The development of the system also propels India into an exclusive club of nations with such capability for military aircraft.

So far major powers such as the United States, United Kingdom and Russia are amongst the few countries that have industry expertise of the system. Its indigenous development now marks not only another step towards self-reliance in a key military area, but also in considerable savings for the country by way of import substitution.

The CMDS is designed to protect an aircraft from missile attacks, which it does through its sensors that are linked to a chaff and flare dispensing system. Once the CMDS picks up an enemy missile locked on to the aircraft, it fires chaffs and flares aimed at misguiding it, for the missile mistakes the cloud of chaffs and flares to be the aircraft and turns towards it. This deception provides the pilot an opportunity to take evasive action.

The CMDS is designed to protect aircraft against radar-guided and infrared seeking air and ground missiles.

The indigenously developed system will now be integrated with all fighter and military aircraft manufactured in the country, including the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).

According to BDL chairman and managing director, Maj. Gen. (retd.) Raajnish Gossain, the CMDS will also be part of the ongoing upgrades of aircraft of the Indian Air Force and Navy as well as all future generation airplanes.

After successful trials on Jaguar fighter aircraft last year the development phase has now come to an end, and supply of the system should begin by the end of the year. It will also mark a successful conclusion of a project launched three years ago.

According to BDL sources, serial production will involve the IAF, Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and DARE, besides the State-owned aviation major, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

Bharat Dynamics Limited was launched in 1970 for production of guided missiles  and allied defence equipment, and has by now emerged as a prime production agency for the Integrated Guided Missile Project, as well as other anti-tank systems such as the second-generation Milan-2T and Konkurs-M.

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Bharat Dynamics built CMDS capability propels India into exclusive club