Rajnikanth backs CAA; says NPR is 'very, very essential'

Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth has come out in support of the central legislation, Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), saying that the Act meant to extend citizenship rights to persecuted refugees from the neighbouring Muslim nations of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, and is no threat to Indian Muslims.

The 69-year-old Rajinikanth also wondered how and why the Citizenship Amendment Act, which is a piece of benevolent legislation, sparked protests across the country. He also wondered how Muslims, who chose to stay back in India following Partition, will be sent out of the country.
Rajinikanth also backed the National Population Register (NPR), saying the drive is “very, very essential,” and added that the Congress-led government had also done it in the past.
“CAA is no threat to Muslims. If they face trouble I will be the first person to raise voice for them,” he said while speaking to reporters in Chennai.
He alleged that political parties in the country were instigating people against CAA for their selfish interests and also blamed religious leaders for supporting protests against the law and dubbed it “very wrong.”
Those who oppose the amended law say it discriminates against Muslims and accommodating only persecuted non-Muslims violates the secular principles of the Constitution.
The government, on its part, has said that it will help minorities from the three Muslim-dominated countries to get citizenship as they fled to India because of religious persecution.
The superstar had in December last year expressed concern over the violence in various parts of the country over the citizenship act.
“Violence and rioting should not become a way to find a solution for any issue. I request the people of India to stay united and vigilant keeping in mind the nation’s security and welfare,” he said in a tweet.