India spent nearly Rs30 crore on Kasab in 4 years!

The central and Maharashtra governments together have spent around Rs29.5 crore on providing food, security, clothes and medicines to jailed Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab and took nearly four years to decide whether to hang him or not.

During his confinement at Arthur Road central prison in Mumbai, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) had deployed around 250 guards for Kasab between his arrest in November 2008 and October 2012 – a Rs26-crore expenditure, sources point out.

While the legal system in any country may require a proper trial before sentencing, the fact remains that Ajamal was alive four years after he and his band of terrorists killed nearly 200 innocents in Mumbai and vandalised one of the country's finest hotels and symbol of its pride.

The whole world witnessed the 26/11 attack on Mumbai on television and yet Ajmal Kasab was alive four years from then does not speak well of the country's administration and legal system.

While the governments, both at the centre and the state level, did everything to protect the life of terrorists there is nothing as yet to protect the life and property of witnesses.