Motorola's Padmasree Warrior is Cisco's new chief technology officer

It's the digital age all right. Motorola's chief technology officer (CTO) Padmasree Warrior found a new job in just a day. She moved from Motorola to Cisco on Tuesday 4 December.

Warrior''s departure from Motorola was announced on Monday. It came just days after Motorola CEO Ed Zander announced his own plans to leave the company by the end of the year.

Warrior announced her arrival in Cisco through a blog post on the company's site, which is apparently the new way of doing these things. She will report to Cisco CEO John Chambers, who says she is a “technology visionary“.

After 23 years at Motorola, Warrior has all the right qualifications to pilot Cisco''s bid to try and become more and more of a consumer company. But she also has the enterprise and networking expertise that is still a major part of Cisco''s business.