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India to move WTO against US shrimp import curbsnews
16 November 2006
Mumbai: The government will make second appeal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to set up a panel for resolving a dispute with the US over exports of marine products from India.

India had approached the WTO after the US government tried to restrict imports of marine products such as shrimps. However, the US had blocked the first time plea of India for the establishment of a panel.

"The Government of India have made a request for the WTO panel and as per WTO rules, the respondent party has a right to delay the establishment of a panel only for one time," Paven Kapoor, an official at India's mission to the WTO, said.

"Since the government of India would be reiterating its request for the WTO panel at the next meeting of the 'dispute settlement body' on November 21, the US would not be able to delay the establishment of the panel," he added.

India might yet face 'anti-dumping' tariffs similar to import taxes slapped on exports of catfish and shrimp to the United States

The US blocked India's first request for the WTO to launch a formal investigation last week. Under WTO rules, an investigative panel is automatically established with the second request.

Governments impose anti-dumping duties when they suspect that producers are exporting products at below the market price in their own country -- usually because exports have been subsidized or if it is believed there is an attempt to corner the market.

He said a US policy that forces Indian shrimp exporters to take out a customs bond equal to about a year's worth of duties would be raised at a meeting of the Geneva-based organisation on November 21.

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India to move WTO against US shrimp import curbs