Neha Noor Heart Cure Fund to offer assistance to needy children

Noor Fatima from Pakistan, suffering from multiple holes in her heart, was also brought to India where she underwent a complex surgery at a Bangalore-based Hospital. She has now returned to Pakistan, a normal child.

Today, 2 lakh children are born in India with congenital heart defects. Some are able to afford surgeries while others die waiting for someone to sponsor them. In an effort to offer timely medical assistance to children, the people of Faridabad have come together to form the Neha Noor Children Heart Cure Fund.

The fund will look after children below the age of 19 years coming from poor families and will cover children of all SAARC countries. The fund has also contacted hospitals in the city having the required infrastructure to offer assistance of any kind that they see possible.

The fund will be managed by reputed social workers and non-governmental organisations from all the SAARC countries have also been invited to join this venture. To date, the fund has succeeded in collecting Rs 2 lakh, which will be used for the treatment of children.

Speaking at the press conference, Neha Sharma's father said: "I owe my daughter's life to the people of Faridabad and Apollo Hospitals. I sincerely hope that everyone will assist the Neha Noor Foundation to help save lives of many more children like Neha."