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22 June 2006

Marico enters baby care segment with Sparsh
Marico has announced its entry into the baby care segment with the Sparsh brand. The range comprises Baby Oil and Baby Bathing Bar. The company says and that the Baby Oil and Baby Bathing Bar come with the promise of the `long lasting goodness' of Parachute.

Marico claims that Sparsh Baby Oil is enriched with the natural goodness of tulsi, turmeric, coconut oil, and vitamins D and E and Sparsh Baby Bathing Bar promises a `No Tears Bath.' It is made from natural ingredients such as turmeric and natural moisturisers and ensures a glowing, soft and supple skin for the baby.

The company has roped in leading actress Simran, a young mother, for the South India launch of the brand. Sonali Bendre, a popular Hindi films actress, who has recently given birth to her first child, will endorse the brand nationally.

Sunsilk `Gang of Girls' site
Hindustan Lever's Shampoo brand Sunsilk has launched an all-girl online community, Gang of Girls. The Web site called is reportedly meant to give Indian girls an opportunity to connect with each other and have lots of `girly' fun.
The company says, "Sunsilk Gang of Girls is the first ever concept of its kind. The online world of Sunsilk is aimed at providing a retreat to girls wherein they can connect over shared passions."

The Web site includes a make-over machine that lets girls upload their photographs and give themselves an online makeover and also offers a job site called Career Track.

Ace Motors launches battery-run bike
Pune-based Ace Motors has launched a rechargeable battery operated motorcycle. The company says the bike would run for 60-70 km for just Rs 4.50. It would initially be available in two models `e-sportz' and `e-trendy, and will be manufactured in India with technical assistance from Changtong E Bike Company, one of China's leading electric bike manufacturers.

The bike, priced at Rs26, 250 (ex-showroom-Delhi), runs on a DC motor of less than 250 watts with a charging time of 6-8 hours. It can run up to 70km on a single charge. A standard bike can carry up to 100kg of weight and can run on a maximum speed of 25km an hour, making it ideal for city driving conditions. Ace Motors currently makes the chassis frame, bulbs and lighting systems while the motor comes from the Chinese partner.

Motorola introduces Cool Colour Collection
Motorola, has announced an extensive mobile handset colour collection. Moreover this collection will soon come to India with the launch of four new MOTOPEBL phones in orange, pink, green and blue colours.

The company says that as technology becomes increasingly complex, Motorola's design language has become increasingly simple, definitive, and consistent. It exhibits pure, powerful shapes enhanced by innovative finishes and materials packaged together in a stunning and affordable portfolio.

Motorola's new handset range is available in four colour ranges: Chroma, Classic, Soft and Basics.

The Chroma Range conveys self-expression and energy. These colours inspire amusement and fun. The Chroma colour range offers electric, bold, expressive, and light-catching shades that give the handset a jewel-like quality.

The Classic Range delivers quiet sophistication with rich finishes, tailored for consumers who value style and design.

The latest in metallic finishes, a precision-cut keypad and the quiet sophistication of the Classic colour range complement MOTOSLVR's sleek, ultra-thin silhouette. MOTORAZR V3i has a luxurious metal finish that gives it a rich look and feel - an impression that is enhanced by the dark, luxurious colour palette.

Tata Tele, Samsung mobile launch mobile with anti-theft tracker
Tata Teleservices and Samsung Telecommunications India Pvt Ltd have launched what they claim is the country's first anti-theft mobile tracker and emergency SOS-alert CDMA mobile handset.

Called Samsung Hero, the entry-level mobile handset is priced Rs1,499 and targeted at consumers "who aspire to reap the benefits of high-quality mobility at one of the most competitive and affordable prices."

In the event of the cellphone being stolen and the SIM card replaced, the anti-theft mobile tracker will prompt the handset to send an SMS to two pre-selected numbers, giving the contact number of the new user without the latter's knowledge. And the phone's emergency SOS alert can be used to call for help in an emergency. On pressing the `C' key four times, the handset will send out an SOS SMS to 10 numbers chosen by the user. This will alert the receivers of the SMS that the user needs help.
On calling the user, the handset will automatically receive their calls, thus enabling them to communicate instantly.

Paramount to launch bamboo fibre menswear
Paramount Fabrics India (P) Ltd, a subsidiary of Paramount Textile Mills of Madurai will soon launch a premium range of menswear made from bamboo fibre next month. The company would open exclusive showrooms in Chennai and Bangalore and soon would join with multi-branded outlets in South India to retail the products.

According to the company the bamboo fibre was a "regenerated cellulose" fibre made from bamboo through hi-tech bamboo-shoot technology. The product has advantages such as being biodegradable and pollution-free on decomposition. The bamboo functions as anti-bacterial and with its microstructure can absorb and evaporate human sweat in split seconds. The company would also use various blends to produce premium fabrics in different ranges.

Samsung to revamp portfolio
Samsung has revamped its entire product line of audio, visual and home appliances and has launched 100 new models as part of the exercise. The company is also in talks with Reliance and a few other big retail chains to strike long-term alliances. The company has entered into tie-ups with Metro in Bangalore and Home Solutions and is in talks with several other retailers for tie-ups.

Samsung will soon start manufacturing flat panel television sets at its plants here and already started domestic production of slim fit television sets. The company has launched 17 new refrigerator models in April and except two, the rest were over 400 lts.
It hadalso launched 19 new air-conditioners and five new MP3 players, apart from launching seven new flat television models. It expected to sell around 1-lakh flat panel television sets during the current calendar year.

It has 11 flat panel television models in the range of Rs35,000 to Rs3 lakh. In the home appliances segment Samsung is working on launching models with superior technology. Samsung has also launched a new set of monitors called `eye fresh technology' monitors. These monitors are available in 15-inch as well as 17-inch screen sizes.

Raymond enters kids ready-to-wear segment
Raymond has forayed into the kids ready-to-wear segment with the launch of its first kidswear store Zapp! in Ahmedabad. The brand caters to children aged 4-12 years and will offer a range of apparel and accessories. Zapp has tied up with Warner Brothers to make available the complete range of Superman merchandise in India.

The company said, "For decades, Raymond has had a major influence on fashion. Today, we are taking our experience and our creativity to a whole new audience - the new generation of fashion-conscious young adults! We believe that this segment has huge potential in the Indian market. Zapp! will redefine the kidswear market in the country."

The release says the brand plans to connect with its consumers through a series of customer relationship management (CRM) activities. It will reportedly introduce a set of characters such as Zion, Ashley, Posh, Pixel and their pet dog Jambo in order to connect with young consumers. Also on cards is a Zapp! Web site and a loyalty programme, titled Zapp! Club.

Lotte to expand portfolio
Korean confectionery giant Lotte India Corporation, formerly known as Parry's Confectionery, is getting into the premium segment of confectionery and plans to launch higher priced lollipops and lozenges soon.

Though Lotte has a portfolio across categories, the company has launched only two bubble gum brands, Sprout and Booproo. More Lotte brands are in the offing.

The company had launched a number of brands in the market, which failed and were withdrawn. In 2002 the company started redrawing its strategy and decided to build its core brands Coffy Bite, Lacto King, Caramilk and Coconut Punch.

The company has also invested in strengthening its distribution channels, especially in the North, East and West. These brands were already popular in the market, especially in the South. Coffy Bite, for instance, was an 18-year-old brand.

The brand recall was about 94 per cent but the conversion to purchase rate was only 20 per cent. The brand was perceived to be `old' especially in comparison with the multinational confectionery brands available in the market. The company's decided to repackage Coffy Bite and give it a more youthful proposition and the effort was successful.

Lacto King was another brand, which took a beating in the market competing with the likes of Alpenliebe and Maha Lacto. The company decided to bring back the `pure milk and ghee' value of the product.

FritoLay launches Quaker Oats
FritoLay ha launched its new breakfast cereal, Quaker Oats in the Indian market after test marketing the brand for some time. The company said Quaker Oats is a nutritious whole grain food for breakfast that reduces the risk of heart diseases and provides sustained energy.

Quaker Quick Cooking Oatmeal is available in two sizes at an introductory price of Rs25 and Rs48 for 200gm and 400gm pack, respectively. The oats have been launched in select outlets in Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, and Baroda.

Disney ties up with Reliance Mobile
Reliance Communications has announced a tie up with Disney the world's largest family entertainment brand to offer on Reliance Mobile World what would be India's first 3D animation on mobile. There will be a host of other Disney mobile content offerings as well.

Reliance customers can access sixteen Disney animated video shorts, including ten in 3D, exclusively made for mobile devices and featuring Disney characters. They can also download other mobile content with favourite Disney characters in the form of wallpapers, ring-tones, games or comic strips from Disney Zone, created on Reliance Mobile World.

Downloads are priced at Rs5 for wallpapers, Rs10 for video shorts downloads, Rs5 for animations and Rs10 for ring-tones on Disney Zone. Games will be charged at Rs5 per session.

"Earlier this year, a game based on Power Rangers, a hit TV show on Toon Disney, was launched on Reliance network, which became one of the highest downloaded games nearing 700,000. With the launch of a new season of Power Rangers SPD, a completely new game around the show is set to debut on Reliance this month.

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