Hewitt survey: Indian companies break into global leadership list

Mumbai: Four Indian companies figure this year on the global list of Top Companies for Leaders-2007, a survey conducted by Hewitt Associates in partnership with The RBL Group and Fortune Magazine. These companies include Hindustan Unilever (4), Infosys (10), ICICI Bank (19) and Wipro (20).

According to Hewitt Associates the survey covered 548 organisations in 41 countries. Interestingly almost 20 per cent of companies in the global list come from India, which provides it with the second highest representation on the list after the US. This is heightened in the Asia Pacific ranking, where the percentage of representation of Indian companies goes up to 50 per cent of the list.

Even as Asian economies, those of China and India in particular, grow at a scorching pace, leadership development issues are a matter of huge concern for Asian companies. According to the survey, however, there is enough awareness amongst Asian organisations that they are faced with a "pressing challenge."

"Almost 60 per cent of the 550-odd organisations surveyed said lack of sufficient leadership talent is the most pressing challenge for the next three-five years," Hewitt India''s Ajay Soni said.

The survey says that firms are beginning to pay serious attention to the leadership development process, with the board and CEO of top rated organisations taking special interest in grooming leadership within the organisation.