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Supermarket online shopping bad for health says UK's chief medical officer

09 August 2016

Though online shopping took the stress out of supermarket shopping for millions of time-pressed UK citizens, online shopping for groceries is bad for health, The Daily Mail reported quoting the UK's top doctor.

According to professor Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, making simple changes such as walking to the supermarket and carrying the bags home could help boost basic fitness.

According to Dame Sally the lack of exercise was a pressing health problem and called on people to go back to the habits of the past swapping the lift for the stairs and replacing online shopping with a trip to the supermarket.

Her warning comes in the background of increasing concern about the damage that increasingly sedentary lifestyles were doing to health.

According to experts, it took an hour of exercise a day to undo the damage done by a desk-bound office job.

Yet, most adults in England were failing to meet  exercise guidelines.

According to one study, one in 12 had not walked continuously for five minutes in at least a month, despite not having mobility problems.

Dame Sally said that while organised exercise could seem daunting, 'Everyone can become more active by making little changes to the things we do every day.'

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