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Skype adds several new features to Skype for Web

16 March 2016

Skype has added several new features to Skype for Web, especially, the function to call mobile phones and landlines.

The major update was outlined by developers in a blog post recently, highlighting four added capabilities to the browser-based version.

According to commentators, the ability to call mobile phones and landlines was clearly the most notable feature of them all.

To make a call, it worked much the same way as in the smartphone and desktop apps, so it would not get long to get used to. Users need to just click on the Call Phones tab, pick a destination, dial the number and click the call button.

International calling was not free, but the team did mention that the rates were low, meaning a huge credit was not necessary.

Lined up next is the support to play YouTube videos directly on Skype for Web, which offered all the same controls on the YouTube website too, from the volume bar and mute button to the full-screen option and quality settings. And what was more was that it now included the image from any URL that a user sent.

A feature that recently was added to the desktop version, users could now add participants in a conversation easily on Skype for Web too. They need to only click on New and "Share conversation" to generate a unique URL, and anyone who clicked on the link would be able to join the conversation as a guest, even if they were not a Skype contact or user.

Skype also added notifications to the Web version, so one no longer missed IMs and calls. Users would receive the notifications as long as they were signed  into Skype for Web, even if they were in another browser tab or another app.

To access Skype for Web, users could go to or and sign in and connect. Skype for Web, which was still in beta, alleviated the need to download the Skype app before conferencing and/or instant-messaging others.

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