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WiFi Trash Bin to help clean up surroundings in Delhi

18 August 2015

Realising the need for the internet in everyday life, two commerce graduates have decided to give people free WiFi as an incentive to get people on board towards creating cleaner surroundings, with their initiative - 'WiFi Trash Bin'.

''When somebody dumps trash into a dustbin the bin flashes a unique code, which can be used to gain access to free WiFi, says Prateek Agarwal, one of the two founders of the initiative, PTI reported.

Mumbai-based Agarwal and his partner Raj Desai, a self taught programmer, travelled extensively to several countries and realised that more than anything else, keeping surroundings clean needed a change in the attitude of people.

''We took a lot of help from countries like Finland, Denmark, Singapore etc and decided to build a system similar to that,'' says Pratik.

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