Telecom back end haulier CSG to acquire Volubill

Business support services provider CSG International Inc today said it had purchased key assets of Volubill, a leading supplier of integrated real-time policy and charging solutions to mobile, satellite, and fixed broadband operators.

CSG is a global provider of interactive transaction-driven solutions and services, serving the majority of the top 100 global communications service providers, including leaders in fixed, mobile, and next-generation networks such as AT&T, Comcast, DISH, Orange, Reliance, SingTel Optus, Telecom New Zealand, Telefonica, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vivo, and Vodafone.

It provides telecom carriers in voice, video, data, and content services, and offers a broad portfolio of licensed and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based products and solutions.

Volubill products, which are used by service providers globally to bring to market and monetise the new generation of digital, communication-based services, are a natural extension of CSG's billing and revenue management portfolio.

''CSG's global strength, credibility, and coverage will enable Volubill products to reach a much wider market than was possible for Volubill alone,'' said John Aalbers, CEO of Volubill. ''We are very pleased to become part of the CSG family.''

Volubill clients will gain the expertise and support of a 30-year partner to the world's leading communications service providers. CSG's continual investments in innovation and efficiencies have made it a leader in next-generation software and services offerings that drive profitability and competitiveness for its global clients.

''Our clients are always looking for the most effective ways to maximize the value from the data and traffic that travel across their networks, and Volubill was an early innovator in that space,'' said David Heaps, senior vice president of business strategy at CSG.