Documents in patents case would be made public: Court tells Apple, Samsung

Apple and Samsung Electronics would have to divulge certain pieces of information to the public during their high-profile jury trial that gets under way on Monday, a judge in California said yesterday.

However, what would  be public and what would not was still not known.

Lawyers of the two parties were given several deadlines for submitting arguments to the court so that decisions could be made before Monday morning.

The two companies earlier asked for pieces of information in the documents to be reworded and for certain items of evidence to be sealed so these would be only open to  the jury, judge and lawyers involved in the case.

According to judge Lucy Koh, presiding over the case at the US District Court in San Jose, she would allow some source code, royalty rates and unreported financial data to be sealed, though she added she would need to see and review the documents before accepting the requests. She added, most of the information would have to be public.

Both Apple and Samsung had been freely redacting documents and asking for the sealing of others.