HotSpot introduces insurance scheme for mobile handsets

Mumbai: Multi-brand telecom retail chain HotSpot has introduced a unique, all-inclusive warranty for mobile handsets. Applicable when purchased with new handsets, the warranty scheme, Mobi SafeGuard covers repair of all kinds of handset faults including liquid and physical damage for a two-year period.

Says Sanjeev Mahajan, CEO, HotSpot Retail Ltd,  ''Indian consumers have the purchasing power and inclination to own good handsets but also look for reassurance of its service in the long-run. Mobi SafeGuard redefines the traditional covenants of mobile phone warranty by covering the handset device for liquid and physical damage, a service that is not covered even under the manufacturer's warranty.

"Mobi SafeGuard also provides a two-year extended warranty that adds to the average life of the phone, and moreover if the handset is not repairable, we will provide a refund equivalent to 50 per cent of the existing market value of the particular mobile handset model. Our wide range of mobile handsets, accessories and airtime options along with our service network, aims to meet the needs of today's consumer.''

In addition, Mobi SafeGuard also helps the retailer increase margins while selling new mobile handsets, and is available in various denominations as per the cost of the mobile handset model. The product is available at most multi-brand outlets and can initially be purchased with GSM handsets of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson

The warranty charges based on the handset prices are:

Cost of the handset

Cost of Mobi SafeGuard

Upto Rs. 5,000: Rs300
Rs5001 to Rs10,000: Rs600
Rs10,001 to Rs15,000: Rs1,200
Above Rs15,001: Rs1,500

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