Small wind-solar hybrid system to provide electricity in hinterlands

The ministry of new and renewable energy is implementing a programme to promote the installation of small wind energy and hybrid systems (SWES) with the objective to provide electricity in unelectrified remote areas or areas with intermittent supply of electricity.

The first such pilot-cum-demonstration project of 25 KW capacity will be installed at the wind turbine test station of National Institute of Wind Energy at Kayathar, Tootikudi district of Tamil Nadu.

The plan is to initially set up 10 such demonstration projects for grid integration. The tentative cost for each of the project will be in the range of Rs2-3 lakh per KW, depending upon the configuration and location of the projects. The ministry will support up to 50 per cent of the project cost.

The success of the programme would lead towards launching of a national programme on grid connected small wind and solar hybrid system in future

Under the programme, the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) provides central financial assistance to community users for installation of such systems.

The total installed capacity as of 31 March 2016 stood at 2.69 MW. There are 6 small wind turbine manufacturers and 9 models empanelled under this programme.

According to the ministry, the SWES projects have been highly successful in USA and European countries.