Power ministry invites bids for Rs12,500 cr worth transmission lines

The ministry of power has invited bids for nine new power transmission lines involving total investment of Rs12,500 crore as part of its efforts to boost capacity of inter-state transmission lines.

The projects will be developed through the tariff-based competitive bidding process, which will invite participation from all bidders, including the private sector.

The projects covering Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and some other states, involve the setting up of high capacity 765kV lines carrying up to 2,100 MW each from new 765/400 kV substations.

The new transmission lines will also help reduce congestion in Haryana by strengthening the Northern Transmission system.

''The projects will help evacuate power from central generating power stations such as the 660 MW Sipat of NTPC, the 1,600 MW Gadarwara as well as private sector generating stations such as the Sassan Ultra Mega Power Project with 1,320 MW,'' the power ministry said a statement.

''These projects were stuck in the approval process in the government over the past several months,'' the power ministry said. ''The approval to go ahead with the implementation was granted immediately.''

The projects include a transmission system for NTPC's 1,600 MW Gadarwara project entailing investment of Rs4,885 crore in two parts and another project for strengthening transmission lines of NTPC's Sipat power stations at a cost of Rs2,473 crore.

During the next three years, the power ministry envisages development of 28,000 MW of inter-regional transmission capacity in the country, which would enhance the total capacity to more than 66,000 MW by 2017.