Gujarat's 50-MW tidal power plant will be first for India, Asia news

The commissioning of a 50-Mw tidal power project off the coast of Gujarat in 2013 will not only be a first for India but also one for Asia.

Artist's impression of turbine farm. Image  marine current turbines ltd.A memorandum of understanding (MoU) to launch this green power project has been signed by London-based marine energy developer, Atlantis Resources Corporation, and state-run Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd.

The cost for the plant is expected to be in the vicinity of Rs750 crore. The plant may be scaled up to 250 Mw capacity.

According to Timothy Cornelius, CEO, Atlantis Resources Corporation, tidal power is a completely new and uncharted power source with immense potential. "Tidal power today is what wind energy was 10 years back," he said. There is just about 2 giga watt of tidal power installed around the world today

The main cause for this lack of development is the high cost of investment as such projects are expected to break even only 8-12 years after commissioning.

But the long gestation period before such projects become commercially viable, does not make the attraction of its environmental advantages any the less.