CERC liberalises grid access to green power projects

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has liberalised inter-state grid access to hydro electric projects and other power projects based on renewable sources by reducing the threshold capacity for connectivity for such projects to 50 MW.

Against this the capacity threshold for grid connectivity for thermal power stations is 250 MW.

Also, two individual renewable power producers having a combined capacity of 50 MW and above can now approach the central transmission utility Power Grid to get inter-state grid connectivity.

Accordingly, two hydro power generating stations having capacity of 30 MW and 20 MW can also collectively seek connectivity with inter-state grid at a single connection point if they mutually agree to undertake operational and commercial responsibilities through a lead generator, which can be one of the two generating stations.

CERC said these changes have been made in view of the feedback received from state transmission utilities in many stations, particularly in North East, that are not at present in a position to extend connectively to their systems because of capacity constraints.

This, it was pointed out, also tends to hinder the development of hydroelectric and renewable source-based power generation projects.