J L Morison plans relaunch of ''Baby Dreams'' child care brand

Mumbai: The Rs110-crore J L Morison India is planning to relaunch its baby care brand ''Baby Dreams'', after a year of lacklustre presence in the Indian market.

The other factor, according to Vengsarkar, which contributed to poor sales, was the fact that despite a good distribution for the brand, retailers became impatient for their ROI, which made them switch to the other established brands. With Johnson & Johnson (J&J) being synonymous with the baby care market, the brand''s domination has ensured most new entrants find it difficult to make their presence felt.

According to industry sources, even Marico''s baby care brand has failed to make a significant dent in this segment, and Wipro has chosen to focus on its diaper''s brand rather than its baby care range.

Changes in the Baby Dreams range will see J L Morison adopt a different distribution channel for its products, via the direct sales route. The company will adopt a new strategy that will see it approach doctors, especially paediatricians to promote its range.

Avoiding changes to product formulation, the company also plans to channel its efforts in re-packaging the Baby Dreams range, with a special focus on its lotions and oils.

J L Morison remains cautious with its pricing strategy, choosing to wait for new entrants to enter the category. According to Vengsarkar, the company is yet unsure whether it would change the pricing, depending new entrants and their pricing strategies. He estimates that existing brands such as Sparsh from Marico might also see a relaunch.

Baby Dreams was launched a year ago as a sub-brand of the flagship Morisons brand. The products were priced at a marginal premium to existing J&J offerings.

The relaunch is likely to happen sometime next year.