River in Assam's Dibrugarh aflame after crude pipeline busts

A river in Assam's Dibrugarh has been on fire for two days in a row due to an oil pipeline blast on Sunday. The fire reportedly broke out on Burhi Dihing river following leakage from an underwater pipeline carrying crude oil.

As per reports, the massive fire broke out at Digholibil area near Sasoni village of Naharkatia in Dibrugarh district and the fire has not been doused yet.
Locals said that crude oil from Oil India Limited, Duliajan plant, came in a water pipe that was connected with the river
Reports say, villagers had noticed the fire on the river three days ago and had informed the local administration. However, the authorities have not done anything to douse the flames and control the situation so far.
The fire has led to panic among the locals.
Some videos of the incident have also gone viral on social media.