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PepsiCo workers' strike continues at bottling plant in Uttaranchal
6 July 2005

New Delhi: Workers are continuing their strike at PepsiCo India's bottling plant in Bajpur, Uttaranchal, which has an installed capacity of one lakh cases of soft drink per day. 87 permanent employees at this plant have been on strike since June 8, protesting the sudden transfer of seven colleagues.

The employees alleged that the management began transferring employees after they decided to form a union.

The company says the transfers are part of their appointment letter and is also part of the certified standing orders applicable to send this article to a friend all workers. Transfer of workmen from one plant to any of the 16 plants has been prevalent and is decided on the basis of business requirements.

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PepsiCo workers' strike continues at bottling plant in Uttaranchal