Figures from SurveyMonkey point to peaking popularity of Pokeman Go

25 Jul 2016


As Pokémon GO rolls out in more countries across the world, the US market, where it was released first, provides some useful data on the app's performance.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence, which had been tracking the rise of the app said in its latest post that the app had peaked in the US. However, it highlighted the speed of the rise and consistently high figures as points of interest.

Japanese consumer electronics company shot 14 per cent last week, more than doubling its market capitalisation to ¥4.5 trillion ($42.5 billion) and overtaking Sony in just seven sessions since the  launch of mobile game Pokemon GO in the US (See: Shares of Nintendo more than double market cap; overtake Sony).

Daily active user metric hit its peak in the US after just one week, but even as it slowed it continued to rack up 20 million+ users per day.

Also the immediate buzz around the app made day one the biggest in terms of downloads.

Overall, according to SurveyMonkey Intelligence Pokeman GO's ascent was unconventional, simply due to the speed at which it happened.

What was remarkable about the uptake of the  app was the pace at which it happened. While earlier blockbuster titles Candy Crush and Draw Something had taken months to gain momentum, and attract tens of millions of users, and hit peak usage, Pokémon GO achieved the same thing in a single week.

However, there was still a long way to go and there was every chance that the game of the would continue attracting millions of users for months, and even years to come.

The download total for the app was nearly 6 million on 7th July and by 20th July, the figure was down to 1.5 million downloads for the date.

The peak usage for Pokemon Go came on 14th July, when around 25 million users tried to "Catch 'em all." However, the number of Daily Active Users had been slipping, falling to 22-22.5 million users on 20th July.

Another indication of the falling demand was a drop in the number of searches for the title.

According to commentators, with the unprecedented launch that Pokemon Go had had, it would be hardly surprising to see the fervour dip a bit.

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