Goa airport to have new terminal building

The government plans a new international terminal building and additional parking stands at the Dabolim airport in Goa, which would improve the facilities and augment the additional spaces for international operations from Goa.

As of now various facilities have been provided in the Goa airport for international operations within the existing terminal building. The Airports Authority of India has already initiated action for acquiring additional land from the Indian Navy and the state government for the expansion of the apron and the expansion of the international terminal building complex.

A total of 15655 international and domestic flights operated at the Dabolim airport in 2005-06. The passengers handled per day during peak season (November to February) in the Dabolim sector varies from 1153 to 1241 in the international sector and 978 to 2428 in the domestic sector. During lean season (May to September) passengers handled per day is as low as 41 for international and 1141 for domestic sector.