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Target Corp recalls several potential hazardous products including toys

15 April 2017

Target Corp on Thursday issued a voluntary recall of a number of potentially hazardous products, which included toys Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs, Easter Grow Toys and Hatch Your Own Dino.

According to a manager at one Target store who spoke to Patch, a community-specific news, information and engagement network, customers could bring the toys to guest services for a refund.

An assistant manager of Target said shipments of the toys were store specific and might not be carried by every local store.

The toys were sold at Target stores across the US from February 2017 through March 2017 for about $1. Consumers who had bought the toy have been advised to immediately take it away from children and return it to any Target store for a full refund.

Ingestion of the small toys could lead to their expansion inside a child's body causing intestinal obstructions, severe discomfort, vomiting and dehydration, with the symptoms likely to even be life-threatening, according to a report from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Surgery would be required for removing the toy from the body, if ingested, according to a news release. Medical professionals and parents needed to be aware that there was a possibility that the toys might not show up on an X-ray.

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