Government plans amendments to Press and Registration of Books Act

The Union Cabinet has decided to amend the Press and Registration of Books Act,1867 to streamline its provisions and bring it in tune with current requirements

The amended Act will have provisions to prevent a person convicted of terrorist acts or anything that threatens the security of the state from bringing out publications.

The Act would also include provisions to prevent blocking of titles to discourage non-serious publishers.

The amendments are aimed at streamlining the age-old processes and addressing certain issues governed by the print media policy and the guidelines/rules, a government release said today.

The amended Act, to be titled the Press and Registration of Books and Publications (PRBP) Act, 2010, will include several new definitions such as 'publications', 'newspapers', 'magazines', 'journals', 'newsletter', etc.

The Act would cover internet edition of newspapers as well. It would also have detailed provisions for verification of a title.

There would be statutory provision for verification of circulation figures of publications.

The Act would prescribe provisions with respect to limits on foreign news content (syndication) and foreign investments.
Publishers would have to compulsorily file annual statements.