Houston Pizza Hut franchise delivers pizzas braving floods and high water

Even as Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, employees at a local Pizza Hut franchise braved the floods, and made and delivered hot slices to those in need.

Shayda Habib, the manager of Pizza Hut in Oak Lake, and her employees rushed to their restaurant on Wednesday and prepared food after hearing that families nearby were trapped in their homes and were running out of food.

''When I heard there were families in need, I knew we needed to act fast,'' Habib told local Houston news outlet KPRC. ''I called my husband and asked him to gather up kayaks and meet me at the restaurant.''

Securing the food in red delivery pouches, the pizza makers used kayaks to hand out the pies to hungry families.

''We packed 120 pizzas into kayaks and took them out to people in their homes,'' Habib told The Houston Chronicle. ''The people in the houses didn't expect us to come. It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom.''

According to Habib she planned to deliver more pizzas on Thursday or until the store ran out of food to deliver.

Pizza Hut tweeted: ''THANK YOU to our Oak Lake Pizza Hut team for their out-of-the-car response to deliver hot pizzas all day to the community they serve.''